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Often referred to as a ‘coupe’ by aficionados, toady we know it most commonly as a Champagne saucer. This glass has a wide and shallow bowl and is the oldest style of Champagne glass.

Despite being a product of the 20th century, you can often see this glass being used in the media today. Especially in period dramas depicting era’s of luxury and extravagance. Today the Champagne saucer might be aesthetically vintage but it is a timeless design.

If you have any questions about our champagne flutes, or any of the equipment we hire then please don’ hesitate to contact us.

  • Traditional Champagne coupe
  • Ideal for a Great Gatsby party
  • Aesthetically vintage
  • Timeless stylish design


Did you know

The Champagne saucer was traditionally designed for dessert Champagne’s which were very sweet and popular in the 20th century. The design fell out of favour because the shallow bowl means that the bubbles do not develop as much when compared to the modern Champagne flute. If you like a fizz in your Champagne, you will need to drink it quickly if you are using a saucer.


  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Depth:
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